"The want of plenty distracted you "

[Al-Quran; Sura Al-Kautsar]

So, which road should I choose now?

[Embark on the PhD train or disembark from the study train altogether]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intellectual Humality

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For all my friends and Muslims who love to seek knowledge, this is a great reminder for us!
esp. to my colleagues who further their study, including me. 
Beware of intellectual arrogant

So, Do We Think We're Smart Enough?

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Programming Fever

Sunday, October 2, 2011
If the assignment involves programming/coding process = My world will be up side down  :i

Still remember during UG time, me and my friends will transform into Pandas - big black round circle on the eyes due to the lack of sleep.
All because of coding and syntax problem.
Maybe this will not happen to the expert; like some of my friends whom I know are very GOOD programmer!

The nightmare of binary coding running up and down in the dream will UNFORTUNATELY happen again!

(imagine like The Matrix movie. The binary numbers [0,1] are scrolling upward and downwards. )

Need to focus and work harder since I left (not practicing) the languages for quite a long time.
This is a new level of study - nothing like UG.

Looking for a peace of mind...

p/s: I am not a multitasking person. Can't do many things (esp big thing) at the same time. 
Others can? Yes I know, but I'm not... I pray to You O Allah, to ease my way and forgive my sins.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bukan Kerana Akulah yang Terbaik

Thursday, September 22, 2011

from muslims.rutgers.edu

Sesungguhnya aku sedang menasihati kamu, bukanlah bererti akulah yg terbaik dlm kalangan kamu. Bukan juga yg paling soleh dlm kalangan kamu, kerana aku juga pernah melampaui batas untuk diri sendiri.
Seandainya seseorang itu hanya dapat menyampaikan dakwah apabila dia sempurna, nescaya tidak akan ada pendakwah. Maka akan jadi sikitlah org yg memberi peringatan...
-Imam Hasan Al-Basri-

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Eid Khutbah

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Very simple yet dear to the heart.
Easy to understand.
Love it!

from icoi.net

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Friday, September 16, 2011

I Can!

Friday, September 16, 2011

from justifiedlions.com

But, I will turn around and say;
With HIS will and HIS help

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from the free motivational and inspirational stuff website

Regardless of what they say,
Or what they think...
Have confidence in yourself,
And put your utmost confident in HIM

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Froggy Prince

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I plan to go home this weekend.
But I already got assignments and projects!
Luckily my group mates also need to balik kampung - family business

Yeay! (Opss... Alhamdulillah...) :-D
Then, I can get to see little Froggy Prince...
(Including Elephant, Banana and Miss Princess-to-be)

Froggy Prince...

Why Froggy? Try look closer at the pants..
Very froggy right...? ;-)

p/s: need to collect all the positive ions and particles. then, put them in vault. whenever negative virus comes, open the vault and let them fight

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day, New Environment

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newcomer in a New Place; A Stranger

I passed the first day with relief. Alhamdulillah
Relief from not L.O.S.T during the journey to find my way to the classroom.
(Even though I took the not so shortcut path to the faculty..hahaha... It's ok, after this I know where to cut the way :-)  )

I'm late for 5-10mins to the first lecture, due to these problems:-

  • Hard to unlock and lock the gate at my house (struggling about 5-6mins)
  • Took the wrong way (Tasnim, my secondary schoolmate who is also studying here already told me the way but I couldn't find it. But now I KNOW :-D  ) Thus, adds some more minutes there. *sigh*
  • Arrived at the classroom, (this one I have no problem finding it) I looked inside and see a male lecturer. I was confused, because as I remembered, I enrolled to the class with a female lecturer as the instructor... So, I stop at the table near the classroom and dig in my bag, to check my schedule. Oh! Ok... I got it wrong... My eyes read the name as RAMLAH instead of RAMLAN. And yes, that IS my class. Hmmmm...adds some more seconds there, again...

I was ashamed to enter as I was late, but luckily, I saw a group of students (who are also late comers) to enter the room, then I join them (as part of covering myself of course).
First mission - status: accomplished! Alhamdulillah :-D

First Firedrill (Real One, Not for Fun)
In the middle of class, we heard some noise outside the building. Someone is yelling and shouting. My lecturer looked at the window and he turned to us and said, "We need to get out, there is a building on fire. Evacuate the room in 3mins, or else we will be considered fail to safe ourselves"
But, all the students walk lenggang kangkung to the door :P
Knowing that, it is not our building that is on fire,but the one next to us...
But that is the protocol, all must evacuate.
So the class delayed for about hmmmmm... 1 hour perhaps?

After the firefighters done fighting with the fire, we went back inside to continue the lecture... :Fire

Other Venues
After the class, I went to check for the venues for the other subjects.
Planning to stay at the faculty or tour campus, but my shoes throw its tantrum by biting my foot.
So, plan cancelled. I went back home to change my footwear.
This time I used the shortcut! ;-)

So Called Shortcut...
I took off my shoes and walk with my bare foot as I can't stand the shoes bites.
Thanks to Allah, the shortcut full with grass..not pebbles and stones.
As I get closer to my destination --> home, I heard a voice calling me.
An Iranian guy...
"Excuse me, do you know where the Engineering Faculty is?"
"Oh, yes I do.. It is near the Mosque. You know the Mosque?"
(No? Ok, seems like I have to make a detour... )
I was planning to drop him at the nearest bus stand. But didn't find one..
Lastly I got an idea, I drop him at the post guard to the Architecture Faculty.
Then I made U-turn back home..

6.30pm-9.30pm Class
My junior at high-school voluntarily offered to send and fetch me.
Feel like a little child first day at the kindergarten, plus this, my little sister drive me to school! *Blusshhh*
"It's ok, I don't have anything during night time. It is not a big thing to send and fetch you..."
Thank You Very Much Sis!

But then, I met a friend who rent a house near to mine, so, she offered me a ride after the class end. I text-ed my junior to inform her not to come...
And I thank you Allah for make ease of my way....  :$
Sending me some hand and help through people...
Show and give me the ideas and ways to do things...
Comfort and strengthen my soul throughout the starting point of my journey...

I went through my first day smoothly... (Even though with the butterflies flying in my stomach)
Praise be to Allah...
Praise be to Allah...
Praise be to Allah...

p/s: learning to adapt...

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I Love Coffee!

Enjoy the Coffee, not the cup!

A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. 
Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life....

Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups -
porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal.
Some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the coffee.When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said:
"If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups have been taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress."

"Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. 

In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. 
What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups... 
And then you began eyeing each other's cups."

Now consider this: 

Life is the coffee; 
The jobs, money and position in society are the cups. 

They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of life we live.

by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee. 
Savor the coffee, not the cups! 
The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. 

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

-Author: Unknown-


Yes, sometime we tend to forget and lost our aim and goal in our life...
Too much looking at others or cares what others might think...
Want to have/be like others or perhaps to have/be more than the others...
Always struggle for what's not so important, yet leave behind what is...

Imam Suhaib adds [to this story];
" If the life is the coffee,
And the jobs+money+position in society are the cups...
Then the harvesting and brewing of the coffee beans might be the process of Tarbiyah!"  ;-)

Yes, I agree on that. 
Need to go through a very careful and rightful harvesting and brewing process in order to get the quality beans right?

p/s: how is our harvesting and brewing process? still going or stopped already?

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sharpen The Pencils

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The new battle will start soon...
But in this battle, we can only use pencils or pens (or maybe iPad?) to fight...
Yet, still we don't have enough strength to hold that tiny instruments (sometimes) ...

  • Tired and 'syahid' (sleeping) in class...
  • L.A.Z.Y and B.U.S.Y - are also among the enemies to be fought..

I pray to YOU for the light and strength that I may need in this journey...

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His light is As if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed In Glass: the glass As it were a brilliant star: Lit from a Blessed tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though Fire scarce touched it: light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth parables for men: and Allah doth know all things. (24:35)

We went 'syahid' because lack of sleep... 
But them? will never come back...

To Ina, Mar and all my friends who will be continuing their study, I pray for your success..
Let us strive to be " Al-3lim An-Naafi3 "
And to Adik Safi, I hope you can make up your mind a.s.a.p...
May the right choice will be yours...  :-)

p/s: Live within your means; you know your ability and strength. Work on it despite on what people may say and perceive. Me - the most I ever handle is 18.5 per semester (in main camp). It was a lot more during the foundation studies, but the result is not that impressive  :-(  Thus the lesson is, know your body. How far can you push yourself (to the maximum level).

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Flowers and The Bee

Thursday, August 11, 2011

They are all flowers except one,
He's the only bee [for the time being - future? don't know]
Thus, the flowers always try to win the bee's heart...

Eldest flower : Hai lil. bee, come here to Kak Yong..
Middle flower : Hahaha, see? He comes to me. He likes me better :e
Eldest flower : Ellleeeeeh! [Yeah right... :P :@ ]
Little flower : Tepi - tepi [make way, shooo..shooo], ni Tariq Mimi [this is Mimi's bee!]

  xP xP xP

Flowers with Mr Bee

Eldest flower smiles a lot [tengah happy la tu]

Little flower : Ish! how can I get to sit beside Mr Bee... Hurrmmmm...???

Mr Bee is restless...
Middle flower - What are you doing? Restraining yourself from something?

Children are gift, asset and 'amanah',
Nurture them wisely and you'll gain infinite and beyond imaginary profits
As they can become Zeenah or Fitnah

  :Rainbow :Angel :Rainbow

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Which Cloud to Follow?

We all must have had the experience on facing a rough+bad+busy+gloomy or perhaps a cloudy day in our life.
Well, at least once ? [Once only? That's pretty amazing though!]

What we usually do when we face the situation like this?
Just go with the wind and cloudy atmosphere?
Or we do have specific cloud to hop in?

I'm sure we do!

Have faith step onto the cloud of Islam,
And you will discover the light of Iman,
Proclaim the message entrusted to you,
And the cloud of Islam... will carry you!
Credits to- Zain Bhikha's Song

Have faith in HIM
"Tie your camel, and leave it to God " 

p/s: If I'm not mistaken the above saying is one of the Hadith of the Prophet. But I can't remember it very clearly. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Double Chocolate Brownies

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you a fan of chocolate?
I bet we all are! :party
But I have a friend who does not like chocolate. 
[Except for Kek Batik, when I asked why, she give me the reason because it was made by using Milo not that chocolate - chocolate. Huhhh? So, what makes the different? Yes, please ask this question to her by yourself, AGAIN...]
Well you might say, "Are you kidding me or what...she doesn't like chocolate?"
What a surprise huh?! :Brow
When I learn about her 'weird' eating habit, I was shocked too.
At first, I thought she was just bluffing. 
Who DOES NOT like chocolate in this world?????!
Toiiiiingggg  :i

But one day when I offered her my Cadbury chocolate, she said, 
" Oh mOmO, you still don't really know me huh, my friend?"
Dussshhhhhhh ! dush! dush!
Ouch! What a killer statement.
Cause we were in the same faculty,same halaqah group during our studies and enroll in the same classes [well almost all...]
Suppose I know a lot about her, am I not?
Huhu ~ ~ Gomenasai-ne, I really thought you were joking about not liking it... :P

Well, here is a gift for the chocolate lover.
I made this recipe and it work gorgeously!
Not hard at all, it was very simple..
And the taste...the taste was very GOOD! :o

This type of brownies will give you the feeling of chewiness when you eat them.
There are many types of brownies; some of them are lighter in color, darker, marble-look and etc.
Just choose the one that you favor and prefer the most. :L

Wait until it is lukewarm

Before cutting into chunks

Full feature - close up

After cutting

To get a nice shape, it is better to cut into big chunks.
Or else it will easily break into small pieces

From the plan view...

I got this recipe from Martha Stewart show.
I've tried other brownies recipe [from books and internet] but I found this one is easy and delicious!
You may reduce the amount of sweets if you're concern about your sugar level.
And I did that too, concerning about my dad's condition.
And guess what?

p/s: you may alter any recipe according to your health/diet plan. it is a good exercise to a good and healthier lifestyle... oh by the way, all the apples in the kitchen were made into juice during the breaking fast just now. no apple strudels for the time being....

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Apple Strudel

Resepi ini sudah lama dibuat/cuba.
Cuma tak sempat nak letak dekat dalam blog ni.
[Macam-macam sebab la -Tak ada mood nak menulis+laptop rosak tak baiki2, dan tambah2 dengan internet  yang kejap hidup kejap mati. Lagi membantutkan semangat nak membuat kerja-kerja memuat naik gambar... *Huish! Letih menunggu satu keping siap....*]

Sekarang, internet sudah stabil, dan laptop pun sudah sihat.
Setelah ditukar power chip [yang mahal bangat itu] dan puas digodek-godek sistemnya [menaik taraf segala software dan apa yang patut], maka bergerak sihat dan lajulah laptop ini.
Maka, semangat pun kembali ;-) 
Yeay! :Angel

Apple Strudel
Teringat dekat gambar ni bila tengok banyak benor epal bergolek-golek dekat dapur.
Teringin nak makan epal strudel.
Macam terasa-rasa dalam mulut nih.....

Pertama kali cuba tempoh hari, filling  agak kering.
Jadi, hari tu gi buat survey dekat bakeri, rupa-rupanya dia letak whipped cream sikit kat dalamnya.
Lepas ni bolehla cuba letak pulak.

Cuma yang letihnya nak buat kulit dia tu.
Sensitif betul, kena tarik biar nipis tapi tak boleh koyak.
Ha, macam mana tu?!
Now you can imagine right, how delicate it is....

Macam biasa, garpu tu hanyalah hiasan...

Homemade Apple Strudel


p/s: teringin nak makan peach cobbler. macam mana rasanya ye? selalu dengar dan baca dalam buku. bunyi dia dah macam sedap kan? lagi-lagi dalam bulan puasa nih.... 

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ramadhan Memory: Mana Dadah Tadi?

Sunday, August 7, 2011
SELANGOR - 1 Ramadhan (Hari pertama berpuasa) - Kak Yong dan Kak Di teruja sebab kebetulan abah mereka ada.
Bolehla berbuka sama-sama nanti. :-D

Balik dari taska Kak Di tersenyum lebar, "Nanti kita nak teman abah beli coklat, air, makanan ... ... ... (dan lain-lain)"
Rasa seronok nak pergi bazaar Ramadhan la tu... ;-)  Eceh..

**** Selepas balik dari bazaar *****
Muka Kak Di dah bertukar menjadi ikan kering, tak bermaya+kehausan yang teramat. Mood pun dah tak berapa nak best.
Senyum yang hampir ke telinga tadi sudah hilang...
Kak Yong pon 2x5, muka masam chom...

**** Selesai berbuka+solat Maghrib+Isya' ****
"Dah-dah la main dan tengok TV tu, nanti esok Mak Andak nak kejut bangun sahur mula la liat nak bangun.."
"Kikikikikikikikkiki.." masih lagi dalam mode bersuka-ria. Maklumla kan, fuel dah penuh. Maka banyakla bahan api yang boleh dibakar.
"Mak Andak kata tidur! Baca doa tidur Kak Yong, Kak Di"
"Allahumma bismika ahya wa amut "
"Eh, mana DADAH yang kita beli tadi Kak Yong?!" Kak Di tiba-tiba bingkas bangun dari tidur.
"Ha'ah la..!" Kak Yong terus bangkit menuju dapur.
"DADAH?! Apa Kak Di cakap? Kak Di beli apa?"
"DADAH, tadi kita ngan Kak Yong beli dengan abah dekat bazaar Ramadhan."
"Astaghfirullah al'adzhim... DADIH la bukan DADAH... Awak ni buat terkejut orang je la."
"Hah? apa dia Mak Andak? DA.. ape?"
"Oh DADIH ye"

** Terus tak jadi tidur dua beradik tu. Malam tu mereka moreh makan DADAH DADIH! **

Dadih ye anak-anak, sebut betul-betul...D.A.D.I.H!

p/s: Dina memang pantang bila berdepan dengan makanan.. Huhu, bulan puasa ni kira kuatla dia tu tahan lapar... Bila tiba waktu berbuka, diala orang pertama yang akan bersila depan makanan. Kira kalau dia pegang sudu, lagi 2cm je lagi nak masuk mulut... Hahaha ;-P

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Kategori Manusia

Ada berapa kategori manusia semuanya? Mari kita cuba senaraikan...

  1. Tinggi
  2. Rendah
  3. Kaya 
  4. Miskin
  5. Kuat
  6. Sakit
  7. Sihat
  8. ... ... ...

Wah! Banyaknya nak disenaraikan!
Tak perlu banyak-banyak, cuma ada TIGA sahaja kategori manusia...

  1. Yang Mengajar
  2. Yang Belajar
  3. Yang Tidak Belajar/Mengajar

Termasuk dalam kategori manakah kita? 1? 2? 1&2? ataupun 3? ;-)
Tahukah kita perbezaan orang yang 'Alim dengan orang yang beribadah bagaikan sinar bulan mengatasi bintang-bintang? (Nota: A'lim di sini bermaksud BERILMU ye pembaca sekalian... Bukan 'alim yang yang selalu disalah tafsirkan dalam penggunaan bahasa sekarang. Alim == berkopiah, berjubah, bertudung labuh etc... What a misconception!)

p/s: Membuat persiapan utk masuk belajar kembali... Aduh! rasa berkarat sudah semua ilmu, abis jargons yang dulu hafal bagai nak rak itu hilang!? Macam mana nak buat backup (brain)memory? Butang apa yang perlu ditekan ataupun ada apa2 software yang perlu di install? WAHA!

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Yang Kuat

'Yang kuat...'
Sejak akhir-akhir ni gemar memanggil nama keduanya...
Mungkin kerana kesian mendengar namanya sudah menjadi 'lain' apabila disebut kakaknya yang cakap tak berapa nak 'teruih' lagi tu.. kikiki...(sila rujuk post yang lepas2)

Baru-baru ni, dia dimasukkan ke wad kerana sukar bernafas...
Aduhai 'Yang kuat'! Nasib baik tak serius mana...
Doktor kata akut bronkitis (betul ke apa yang saya tulis ni wahai makcik2 doktor kepada 'Yang kuat'?)
Lepas ni nak tidur kena balut la si kuat ni, tak pon bagi pakai baju tebal-tebal sikit...
Sebab kakak-kakaknya gemar buka kipas kuat-kuat...

Dan lepas ni tak leh dah main dekat-dekat Cici...(Nota: Cici kawan baik Ayyad- seekor kucing yang nakal, macam Ayyad juga ;-P )

Tariq Muayyad... 

Hmmmm...pikir-pikir balik, lepas ni nak panggil Tariq la...
Sejak panggil Muayyad, jadi kebal pulak budak kecik ni...
Langgar dinding steady je, siap boleh sengih tu... [tapi kalau dah over kuat melalak juga dia]

p/s: Kak Yong dan Kak Di setakat ini berjaya berpuasa penuh! [tapi tak tau la kan hujung minngu ni, sebab diorang balik Kajang...]. Lepas ni boleh claim kat abah dan ummi, RM1== sehari... 

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sajak untuk lelaki...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Saifullah ... Asadullah...

Bila disebut lelaki
Wanitanya mendongak megah
Lelaki kami Asadullah, Saifullah
Tokoh ramai tak terkira

Bila disebut lelaki
Wanitanya menunduk lemah
Tokoh kami sedikit sekali
Ramainya boneka Yahudi

Bila disebut lelaki
Wanitanya tenang di hati
Lelaki kami menjaga, melindungi

Bila disebut lelaki
Wanitanya mahu cabut lari
Lelaki khianat, perogol bersiri

Bila seorang wanita teraniaya
Sepasukan kuda putih membela
Al-Mu'tasim kebanggaan wanita

Ramai wanita suci dipenjara
Diperkosa minta dibela
Lelaki tunduk tak bertenaga

Bila wanita di bawah jagaannya
Lelaki memagari sehabis daya
Tiada siapapun berani menggoda

Bila wanita di bawah jagaannya
Lelaki tak kisah auratnya terbuka
Wanitanya dibiar bebas, binasa

Lelaki menggadai harta dan nyawa
Untuk mengangkat kemuliaan agama

Lelaki menggadai ketinggian agama
Demi nafsu, dunia dan seisinya

Lelaki bermatian mencipta sejarah
Kental berjihad, tekun berdakwah

Lelaki hanya menyanjungi sejarah
Diri bermalasan, tenaga tak dikerah

Lelaki memperjuangkan Deen dan Ummah
Al-Farouq, Zunnurain mati terbunuh

Lelaki memperjuangkan diri dan kroninya
Hingga sanggup membunuh

Dulu ,
Lelaki bersatu menghadapi musuh
Angkatannya kuat dan teguh

Lelaki berpuak dan berpecah
Sesama sendiri saling bertelingkah

Kembalilah lelakiku
Pada kelelakianmu
Kami rindukan lelaki dulu
Acuan Madrasah Rasul

Petikan daripada Novel Syabab Musafir Kasih

p/s: Masa baca novel ni dulu tak perasan pulak sajak ni... Mungkin ada, cuma lupa sebab dah lama membacanya. Bila baca balik dekat blog Kak Ha, terasa sungguh dalam maknanya... bertepatan dengan isu semasa....  :-)

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is FOOD? Pt. 2

Thursday, July 7, 2011
In nature, sugars almost always come packaged with fibre, which slows their absorption and gives you a sense of satiety before you've ingested toooooo many calories.
That's why you're always better off eating the fruit rather than drinking the juice!

Obsessing over food rule is bad for your happiness and maybe your health, too.
Over the past few decades, dieting and worrying too much about nutrition has made us no healthier or slimmer; cultivating a relaxed attitude toward food is just important.
The key word here is  'WASATIYYAH' or 'MODERATION' or balance.

Choose quality over quantity.
If you spend more for better food, you'll probably eat less of it, and treat it with more care.
"It is better to pay the grocer than the doctor" as a wise grandmother used to say...

The specific number you adopt is arbitrary but the more ingredients in a packaged food, the more highly processed it probably is.
Avoid the ingredients that you can hardly pronounce!

"You are what you eat"

Don't be like a boy... who always ate and ate and ate...

" He had pizza in his pocket, he had ketchup on his shirt,
And he bought an ice-cream sundae, so he wouldn't miss dessert.
He had pizza in his pocket, he had ketchup on his shirt,
And he bought an ice-cream sundae, so he wouldn't miss dessert.
Being thankful is what's really great.
Eat the veggies on your plate.
And don't be like the boy who always ate and ate and ate!
                                                                                      Song title: Pizza in his pocket

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is FOOD?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
As eating has become complex and complicated, we may need to analyze back what are the things that we eat.
Are they really food or what?

With the rapid development of science and technology, many types of food being produced; preserved food, fast food, frozen food, instant food etc… etc…
The big Q here is, are they considered as food? What is F-O-O-D actually?

After watching Oprah regarding the food issue [with Michael Pollan as her guest], I would like to share some of the info/rules that he raised up during the show.

You may find the complete elaboration in this book

Rule No. 1: EAT FOOD
Most of the items/products in the market don’t deserve to be called food – but its edible food – like substances.  Mostly consist of ingredients that no NORMAL person would keep in the pantry. Today’s challenge is to eat well by eating real food and avoiding industrial novelties.

Food processing began as way to extend the shelf life of food by protecting it from the competitors [fungi and bacteria] – by removing nutrients that attracts the competitors or the nutrients that likely to turn rancid.
The more processed a food is, the longer the shelf life, and the less nutritious it typically is. Thus, a real food is the food which is alive! – and therefore it should eventually die.

A healthy plate of food will feature several different colors. Many of these chemicals help protect against chronic disease.

The health risk of white flour has been popularly recognized for many years. White flour is not much different from sugar – from our body’s perspective. So minimize white flour by eating whole grain.

You’ll consume far fewer calories since plat foods – with the exception of seeds, including grains and nuts – are usually less “energy dense” than other things you eat.

This is my favourite rule!
Why? Because this rule has been taught to us 1400 years ago by the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. He taught us to fill our belly with one third food, one third liquid, and one third air (empty space – nothing in it)
The Japanese have saying – hara haci bu – urging the people to stop eating when they are 80% full. While in Ayurvedic tradition, they specify until 75% full and the Chinese specify 70%.

The French will say “ I’m hungry” as ‘J’ai faim’ – I have hunger. And when finished, don’t say you’re full, but say ‘Je n’ai plus faim’ – I have no more hunger. A different way of thinking about satiety.

p/s: the remaining 4 rules will be added soon... Btw, if you buy Reader's Digest (June edition), you may find these info in it.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lord of Ramadhan

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
A vey nice song about the month of Ramadhan, a month full of barakah. 
This song is a combination of English, Turkish, German and Arabic language.
Very catchy!
Even though I don't understand the Turkish and German part... :-)
Sing by CoTu - Companions of True Unity

Lord of Ramadhan  

Ramadan rauhun rahman. Ramadan shahru al-quran. Ramadan faidun manan futihat fihi al-Jinan. Ramadan rauhun rahman. Ramadan shahru al-quran. Ramadan faidun manan Wal Eidu manun wa aman

The full lyric:-

Ramazan’ın efendisi
Bana ışığı gösterdin
İlk günden son güne kadar
Cennetin sanki o kadar yakında ki
Varlığını hissedebiliyorum
Gündüzümde ve gecemde
Geleceği dolduruyorum
Bu kadar doğru ve gerçek sözlerle

Ramazan ruh’ul Rahman
Ramazan şehr’ül Kur’an
Ramazan feyz’ül Mennan
Fütihat fih’il cinan

Ya Ramazan seni bekledik
Dört gözle hadi gel dedik
Doyamadım senin Rahmetine
Dayanamadım senin hasretine
Allah , yağdır şefkatini
Allah , dindir derdimizi
Gelmiş Ramazan’ın ilk on günü
Nurlandırdı kalplerimizi
Şefkat yağdı üzerimize, günlerimize
Rahman ismini bize göster
Bize göklerden nur indi cümlemize yine bu sene
Hamdolsun sana Yaradanım…
Şeytanları zincire bağladın…
Hamdolsun sana Yaradanım
Günleri geçmesin hiç Ramazan’ın…

Ramazan ruh’ul Rahman
Ramazan şehr’ül Kur’an
Ramazan feyz’ül Mennan
Fütihat fih’il cinan

Ramazanin meyveleri daha tesis edilmemiş
Biz bir nehiriz hiç bir yere akmayan
Bir gemiye binip bize gel ve Allah ’a pişmanligini göster
Sonsuza kadar O’nun adı ile yaşa ve O’na bağlı kal
Günahlarindan pisman ol Allah seni af eder.

Ramazan ruh’ul Rahman
Ramazan şehr’ül Kur’an
Ramazan feyz’ül Mennan
Fütihat fih’il cinan

p/s: well, I'm not sure whether the lyric is correct. Cause I think all of the lyric is in Turkish... Anyone can speak or understand Turks' language?

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Ramadhan Memory: Si Pemerhati yang Tajam

Well, this incident does not exactly happened in the month of Ramadhan...

Semalam berjaya lagi untuk berpuasa. ;-)  Walaupun terdapat banyak godaan di depan mata..
[baca: durian, pengat durian, nasi kenduri, ayam berempah, etc..etc..]
Jadi akal pun membuat kira2 apakah juadah yang ingin dicuba dahulu ketika hendak berbuka... [haha, tak senonoh betul... makruh!]

Setibanya waktu berbuka, keputusan akhir yang dicapai adalah memanaskan nasi goreng lebihan sarapan ayah ibu pagi tadi.
Menu tambahan, telur dadar dan tempura ayam berserta air teh panas berasap...

Beberapa minit sebelum tibanya masuk waktu Maghrib, saya mengambil peluang untuk berdoa, kerana doa orang yang berpuasa itu sangat mustajab sehingga dia berbuka.
Maka saya pun menadah tangan...sambil memejamkan mata.

Sebelum mata saya sempat merapatkan pejamannya, saya nampak kelibat Aimi menuju ke dapur.
Dalam hati, "Apalagi la si kecik ni nak..."
Terus saya pejamkan mata rapat-rapat dengan harapan dia tidak akan mengganggu saya dengan meminta itu dan ini...

Sedang saya hendak memulakan doa, kedengaran bunyi pintu tandas diketuk dengan kuat sekali...
[bagi sesiapa yang pernah datang rumah ni, mereka tau yang pintu tandas dan dapur terletak sebelah-menyebelah]
"dung! dung! dung! dung! Ummi, bukalah pintu ni..."
"dung! dung! dung! dung! Ummi, bukalah pintu ni. Nape ngan Ba Dak tu..?"

"dung! dung! dung! dung! Ummi, bukalah pintu ni. Nape ngan Ba Dak tu nangees?"
"Ummi....ummi.... nape ngan Ba Dak tu nanges...? Bukalah pintu ni..nape ngan Ba Dak tu"

Saya yang sedang hendak memulakan doa menjadi terbantut dek kerana bunyi ketukan soalan dia yang agak pelik itu... Doa yang simple dan senang pun tak berjaya dibaca [langsung lupa sebenarnya!].
Hanya perkataan 'Allahumma' yang berjaya dilafazkan berkali-kali.. 
Aduh, punah konsentrasiku..
Selepas beberapa kali mengetuk pintu bilik air, dan gagal membuat umminya membuka pintu, akhirnya Aimi pun senyap... [Itupun mungkin kerana saya sudah tidak lagi menadah tangan dan memejam mata (tanda-tanda orang menangis ye tuan-tuan) untuk berdoa.]
Saya mengambil keputusan untuk membaca doa berbuka puasa sahaja dan terus menjamu selera...

Nape ngan Ba Dak tu nanges??

Aduhai, terlepas peluang nak minta macam-macam dekat DIA..
Sebab tu la saya suka suruh ummi dia bawa budak-budak kecik tu main kat depan dan tutup pintu dapur bila saya hendak berbuka...

p/s: cuba untuk berpuasa seperti Nabi Daud. Sebab kalau puasa straight hari-hari, takut perut ni kena kejutan.. Hari pertama hari tu sudah angin satu badan... :-P Gear satu dulu, lepas ni boleh la speed up! Broooommm..brroooommm...

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Ramadhan Memory: Primary School 1

Friday, June 24, 2011
I skipped kindergarten.
After I went to pre-school, I directly enter the primary.
So, almost everything I learn in my year 1 [standard 1], i.e reading- rumi and jawi, calculating, and all the things that todays kindergarten students will learn. [I was shocked to see my nieces exercise books. They are like mine in standard 2! How advance!]

Poor them...
When I was in their age, I only need to play, be creative [i.e make a necklace out of rainbow macaroni or build a house from wafers] and play with paint till I got messy.
[Okey, enough with this story]

The experienced fasting during my first year in primary school was so hectic. Just imagine the school period is from 8.00am-1.00pm and continues at 2.30pm-6.00pm... [Two session; Two different schools]

So, when the Ramadhan comes, my dad will give RM 0.50/RM1 for me to buy anything I like to eat for breaking fast... [Breaking fast when the sun is set, not sun still rise! :-P  ]
Hahaha... believe me, sometimes I make the sunset 'faster' then it supposed to... I bet some of you too!

++++++++++++ wink wink ++++++++++++++++++

Seduced by friends who did not fast.
Seduced by the chilled 'air sirap' [yang tak sesedap mana pun kalau diingat kembali.. :-)  ]
Seduced by the chilled ice-cream
Seduced by ...
Seduced by ...
Seduced by ...

Hmm. when I looked back to the list till the end, there's no nasi goreng or nasi lemak or mee goreng or laksa that I bought [seduced by].
So, I buy things not because I'm really really hungry [thirsty? maybe], but because of the junk-foods and the feeling to munch something [seduced by seeing others eating...]
What a waste... [of TIME for lying and acting TIRED back at home]  :-D

But if, [yes IF !] I do complete my fast [no cheating], I will buy drinks at the bazaar outside my school.
Today: Air limau
Tomorrow: Air kelapa
A day after tomorrow: Cendol
2 days after tomorrow: Cincau
3 days ....
4 days ....
... ... ... ...
But the one I like to buy the most is Air limau!

And my mom/dad will say "Air ni kat rumah pun boleh buat... Tak payah la beli...."
Nope, I will still buy it the next day. Because it will taste more 'special' [Yeah right! Tak best la yang buat sendiri].  *wink*
Common child's perception. :-P

Well, eventhough I am 'GOOD' on acting tired when back at home, I do really sure that my parents know which child [from their 6 children] who is truly fasting without cheating.

Cause they are more experienced and knowledgeable after all... ;-)
Ok, continue next time... I suddenly got dizzy looking at these fonts...

p/s: Nowadays I become the 'experienced one' to know [or to determine] which nieces who really fast and cheat... Aimi and Tariq, you are exceptional [for the time being]  

And when they buy air limau, i'll say, "Tak yah beli air ni, boleh buat kat rumah... Kalau beli lagi, Mak Andak cakap kat ummi tak yah bagi duit lagi..."  Wahahahahahaha  B-)  [Eleh, macam le kome nak ikut cakap Mak Andak... ]

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More meaningful with understanding

Thursday, June 23, 2011

أقبلت يا رمضان الخير مشرقة أيامك الغر بالآلاء والنعم
Akbalta ya Ramadan al-khair moshriqatan, ayyamoka el ghorr bil aalai' wa en-ni'ami
Oh Ramadan, the month of goodness, you showed up with your holy generous days that had brightened with blessings and mercy

رمضان رمضان... رمضان الخير يا رمضان
Ramadan, Ramadan... Ramadan al-khair-i ya Ramadan
Ramadan, Ramadan, oh Ramadan month of goodness

فيض من العلم والإيمان صيبه
Faid-on min-a el ilm-i wa el-eeman-i sayiboho
Flows of science and faith are its rains (goodness)

عم الوجود... عم الوجود وساق الخير للنسم
Amm-a el-wujood... amm-a el-wujood wa saq-a el-khair-a li-nasam-i
Filled the universe, and drove goodness for breeze

أشهر أنت أم رؤيا متاب، تألق طيفها مثل الشهاب
A shahr-on ant-a am ro'ya matab-in, ta'allaq-a taifoh-a mithla esh-shihab-i
Are you a month or a vision for renounce, that its shadow shone like star

جعلت الناس في وقت المغيب، عبيد ندائك العاتي الرهيب
Ja'alta ennas-a fi waqt-i el- magheeb-i, abeed nidaek-a al-a'ti erraheibi
You made people as slavers for your great mighty call at sunset time

 كم ارتقبوا الأذان كأن جرحا يعذبهم تلفت للطبيب... يعذبهم تلفت للطبيب
Kam ertaqabo el-athan ka- anna jorh-an yo'athibohom talaffat-a li-tabeebi... yo'athibohom talaffat-a li-tabeebi
How long they waited for azan, as if they suffer from a wound... a wound that needs a physician

الصوم لله يجزي كيف شاء به
As-sawmo li-Allah-i yajzi kayf-a sha' bi-hi
Fasting is for God sake, and God rewards with it however he wants

يا رحمة الله... فاجز الذنب بالكرم
Ya rahmat-a Allah... fa-ijz-i ethanb-a bi-el-karam-i
Oh mercy of God.... please God reward virtue with your generous

Song: Ramadhan
Artist: Mishary al-Arada

p/s: credits to Oriee

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TURN TO ALLAH is the best!
coz He is there wherever you are...
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Allahu Allahu, jallaa jallaluhu"