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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mimi's House!

Saturday, May 21, 2011
One day, in an early afternoon, the phone at the house rang. As usual, my eldest niece –Aina, ran to answer the call…

Aina: Hello, who’s this?
The Caller: Hello, is this grandma’s house..?

Without Aina’s knowledge, her youngest sister – 3 years old Mimi , who was joyfully playing with her uncle upstairs, also ran to pick up the phone in my parents’ bedroom. She heard the conversation between the caller and her eldest sister and replied…

Mimi: No, this is Mimi’s house…!
The Caller: Are you sure this is not grandma’s house?
Aina: Who is this? (Confused with the caller’s and her sister’s voice)
Mimi: This is Mimi laaa
Aina: Mimi…?!??
The Caller: Tett…tetttt…. (Hung up because she thought she got the wrong number)
Mimi: Yup! It’s Mimi…
Aina: Where are you??!! (With a very worried tone)
Mimi: Aaaa..mmmmm… Mimi… (Don’t know how to explain)

With an immediate act, Aina put down the phone and ran to the front to look for her youngest sister. She afraid that Mimi went out by herself, but the door was properly locked. She searched for her sister in the living room and the space where she and her siblings always take their nap, and still… no sign of Mimi…!

She ran to picked back the phone, but Mimi is no longer on the line. With an anxious face, she came to me and my mom who were in the kitchen during that time…

Aina: Grandma! Grandma!
Mom: Yes, who called just now?
Aina: Where’s Mimi?
Mom: How should I know? Aren’t you supposed to play with her?
Aina: No… I was watching TV… and when the phone rang, I went to pick it up. (Then, she continues to story about the caller who wants to speak to grandma and the mystery of Mimi’s voice on phone…). And suddenly I heard Mimi’s voice; she said this is Mimi’s house. But where’s Mimi?  How can she be on the phone? Where is she? (At that time, Aina’s eyebrows almost touched each other as a sign of her utmost anxiousness.)
Mom: Have you checked all places?
Aina: Yes… still cannot find her
Mom: Are you sure…?
Me: How about your uncle’s room? I heard her voice before I came down just now…

Aina ran upstairs quickly before we can ask her furthermore about the caller that she mentioned before… Then, my sister came in to the kitchen asking what’s going on. She noticed that her eldest daughter is searching for something.

My Sister: What is she up to?
Me: She asked for her little sister – Mimi.
My Sister: Why?
Mom: Not sure, she said she heard Mimi’s voice on the phone and asked me where Mimi is.
Me: Mimi must be answering the phone in your bedroom while Aina talking to the caller just now…
Mom: Haahahahahha…. Now I get it! That’s why Aina acting so weird.
Me and My Sister: Why??!
Mom: She thought that her sister is far-far away. That’s why she asked me how can Mimi be on the phone…  She must think that her little sister is somewhere else. And that’s why see looks so worry.
Me: Didn’t she know that there are two phones in this house?
Mom: She might… but what she might not know is, two persons can talk at the same time. Right now she only knows that people who are on the phone must be far-far away. That’s what bothers her mind; her little sister is not in the house!

Not long after that, Aina came down with tears in her eyes. While Mimi followed her at the back with a big smile; not knowing that she had caused a heart attack to her 7-years-old sister!

Aina; a sensitive sister and Aimi; a cheeky little one..

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