"The want of plenty distracted you "

[Al-Quran; Sura Al-Kautsar]

So, which road should I choose now?

[Embark on the PhD train or disembark from the study train altogether]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intellectual Humality

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For all my friends and Muslims who love to seek knowledge, this is a great reminder for us!
esp. to my colleagues who further their study, including me. 
Beware of intellectual arrogant

So, Do We Think We're Smart Enough?

2 Roads Chosen

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Programming Fever

Sunday, October 2, 2011
If the assignment involves programming/coding process = My world will be up side down  :i

Still remember during UG time, me and my friends will transform into Pandas - big black round circle on the eyes due to the lack of sleep.
All because of coding and syntax problem.
Maybe this will not happen to the expert; like some of my friends whom I know are very GOOD programmer!

The nightmare of binary coding running up and down in the dream will UNFORTUNATELY happen again!

(imagine like The Matrix movie. The binary numbers [0,1] are scrolling upward and downwards. )

Need to focus and work harder since I left (not practicing) the languages for quite a long time.
This is a new level of study - nothing like UG.

Looking for a peace of mind...

p/s: I am not a multitasking person. Can't do many things (esp big thing) at the same time. 
Others can? Yes I know, but I'm not... I pray to You O Allah, to ease my way and forgive my sins.

0 Roads Chosen
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"where are you going? where are you going?
where are you heading? where are you heading?
TURN TO ALLAH is the best!
coz He is there wherever you are...
so turn....turn, turn to Allah
Allahu Allahu, jallaa jallaluhu"