"The want of plenty distracted you "

[Al-Quran; Sura Al-Kautsar]

So, which road should I choose now?

[Embark on the PhD train or disembark from the study train altogether]

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Hard...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's hard.

Yes, this decision is VERY hard.
How many times I've stumble in those emotions, on wanting to g.i.v.e  i.t  u.p  and proceed to doing something else.

Like, finding a job and gain some money... (???)

But, the funny thing is, of ALL the jobs that I'd applied to, NONE is responding to me.

I always try to calm myself and make this small prayer every now and then, saying...
'It's ok, just have faith and pray what best for you. If you got a job offer, perhaps that journey doesn't really meant for you.'

And if it meant for you, then it will come to you, eventually.

Yet right now, they both haven't arrived.
Nope, they are not.
Not yet.

And every time I'm about to let it go, my friends (who are in the similar boat or already sailing theirs) hold me back and keep on saying
'NO! Don't let it go dear'

Why is it so smooth and easy for certain people yet it's a bit tough for me?
Is it because I didn't have research experience?


Yeah I admit it.
I might need to traverse the longest route, as I need to start from square one.

So, for those who plan to pursue study, you might want to choose research mode as compare to coursework because it will ease your journey to your PhD the next time.

Just a ten cent from me.

Note: Whatever the things might become, I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity and strength to complete my MSc last year (2013) -- without having to repeat/extend or whatever nightmares that the students wish not to happen. I was so anxious thinking that there is this timeline that I need to meet as per requirement from the scholarship that I got.
So, Alhamdu lillah 'ala kulli haal   :-)

And yup! It's been a while since the last post. Now I will try to write back.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pizza Hut Delivery

Friday, February 22, 2013

Or perhaps sometimes people say P.H.D.

Whenever you want it, just call it.
It will sure come to you in a short time.

But this  >> PhD <<, is not something that can be called, summoned whenever you like.
It's a real talk, real biz and a real job.. ... ...

Need a real hardworking brain and a LOT(S) of patience and effort too.

Quoting from someone who had experienced it...

A PhD, by its very nature, is a very individualistic venture. There is no right way to do a PhD (there are however a multitude of wrong ways). This is the first big surprise for people who are starting their PhD having completed their undergraduate degrees -- there are well defined correct ways of getting a degree (usually `turn up to lectures, do course work, revise for exams, use a modicum of common sense') but such prescriptive techniques don't work for research degrees. The award of a research degree effectively says `This person knows how to do research in his/her chosen area' and `research' is a nebulous, difficult to nail down thing which relies on insight, lateral thinking, inspiration and a lot of hard work. An undergraduate degree is a lot of hard work, but doesn't put so much emphasis on inspiration. Most (if not all) people cannot sit down and say `right, today I'm going to have some inspiration'. The unpredictable nature of progress in a PhD means you spend a lot of time not sticking to the deadlines you set yourself. This is dispiriting.

In most departments there's always one smartarse who loudly proclaims that doing a PhD is easy and he (its usually a he) can't see what all the fuss is about, and he's just written another three chapters this morning, and he's submitted another five journal articles. People like this are lying, showing off, from Mars or over-compensating for inadequacies in other areas of their lives (if-you-know-what-I-mean). Ignore them.       -Richard Butterworth-

However, I like the first quote on his page...

The only way to find out how to do a PhD is to do one. Therefore, all advise is useless...


p/s: To read more on his piece of mind, click I did my PhD and I did NOT go mad 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Satay Ikan

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Kak Yong, bila nak belanja Mak Andak?"
"Kenapa?" tanya Kak Yong
"Semalam awak belanja Pak Su... Bila pula nak belanja Mak Andak? Mak Andak nak satay ikan. Ada tak jual kat sekolah Kak Yong?"
"Ada-ada!" balas Kak Yong [dan Kak Di sekali...pasang telinga rupanya budak sorang ni]
"Mak Andak nak berapa?"
"Satu dia jual berapa sen?"
"Kalau seringgit dapat lima" jawapan standard kalau tanya bab2 harga pada mereka. Mesti jawab secara pukal.
"Ooooo... 20sen la satu"
"Ha, kalau bagi RM2 dapat sepuluh" jawab Kak Di.
*Sigh* [dalam hati]
"Mak Andak nak berapa? Sepuluh?"
"Ish, tak payah la, mahal. Dulu Mak Andak beli 10sen je. Seringgit dah dapat sepuluh cucuk" [entah berapa tahun yang lepas punya kejadian daaa... Tahun 90an kot!??]
"Tak apa la, esok sekolah kejap je. Saya tak payah la makan..." [sebab besok tu hari Jumaat]
"Eh janganla. Nanti ummi awak marah pulak..."
"Tak apa...."
"Tak mau. Mak Andak tak mau la satay tu... Saja ja Mak Andak tanya.."
"Alaaa Mak Andak ni. Aina ok je la"
*Hmmmm...apa pasal semangat sangat budak ni...?? *


"Mak Andak, Ooooo Mak Andak?? Mana Mak Andak?" kedengaran suara Kak Yong dan Kak Di di bawah.. Dalam hati, mesti baru balik sekolah ni.
Selang beberapa minit, kedengaran tapak kaki menaiki tangga.
*Sudah, mesti kejap lagi masuk bilik kita la tu...*
Tapi disebabkan tombol pintu bilik ni agak ketat/keras. Depa ingat pintu bilik berkunci..
Misi tergendala.
Mereka turun semula...

Saya keluar ke tandas.
Dengar suara Kak Yong dan Kak Di bising di bawah.
"Hei, ini Mak Andak punya la... Pak Lang mana boleh makan.... bla..blaa... ... ..." bergaduh mempertahankan sesuatu daripada Pak Lang mereka.

Tiba-tiba, tapak kaki mereka kedengaran lagi menaiki tangga.
Kali ini berlari.
Terus masuk ke dalam bilik.
"Mak Andak! Nah..." sambil tersengih-sengih seperti kerang busuk.
"Eh, awak beli? Berapa semua ni?"
"Tadi kita beli sepuluh, tapi sekarang tinggal lapan"
"Ha awak bagi kawan kat dalam bas la tu"
"Tak de la, tadi Pak Lang tu. Dia minta. Kita cakap la ni Mak Andak punya. Tapi dia nak juga. Dia ambil satu makan. Aina dan Dina pun makan la satu juga.." tersengih-sengih lagi sambil bercerita..
"Oh, boleh pulak macam tu ye?" . Alasan nak makan juga sebenarnya tu.
"Abis tu Kak Yong tak makan ke masa rehat tadi? Ni beli sampai RM2 ni?"
"Tak la, saya makan... Seringgit duit saya, seringgit lagi duit Dina.. Heeee" terang Kak Yong.
"Oooo... ye ke? Dina pun share juga beli?" terkejut dengan berita yang Kak Yong sampaikan.
Sejak bila budak dua orang ni pandai berkompromi?
Selalunya bergoda je.
"Ha'ah, Dina makan seringgit je masa rehat tadi."

*Terharu sekejap*

"Hmmmm, jomla makan sama. Nah amik ni."
Berebut Kak Yong dan Kak Di.
Bagai orang mengantuk disorong bantal.
Suka la tu!

Akhirnya dapat la sorang sikit merasa satay ikan petang Jumaat tu.
Pengorbanan Kak Yong dan Kak Di pun agak berbaloi-baloi juga...

Sebab apa?

Sebab diorang pun dapat makan sama.
Dan wang mereka juga dikembalikan oleh Mak Andak yang terharu... (~_~)

Kata Kak Yong dan Kak Di...
"Eh, ni duit apa Mak Andak?"
"Duit kamu la Mak Andak ganti. Nanti bagi ummi simpan dalam tabung"
"YEAY! Ok..."

Agaknya macam la kot tukang jual satay ikan kat sekolah Kak Yong dan Kak Di tu gamaknya..

Walaupun selalu je kena marah dengan Mak Andak, masih sudi juga Kak Yong dan Kak Di belanja satay ikan RM1 seorang..

p/s: dulu 30sen boleh dapat nasi lemak sepinggan...

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mimi Al-arabiy

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I was impressed when first time I heard my 5 y.o niece recite some hadith that she memorize in her school [pre-school perhaps].

There are all 10 hadith that she can recite!
Amazing for me coz when I was in her age, I don't remember I can recite any hadith [even the word hadith itself I never heard I guess... ... ...]
So, its kinda challenge to her two big sisters. Esp the eldest  ;-D

And for my 3rd niece herself, it is something that she is so proud of! [which makes her repeating all the 10 hadith all the time ~with a loud voice!]

It increasing the jealousy of her other siblings and perhaps some headache to the elders [i.e. grandpa+grandma+uncles+aunties+umi+abah]

One funny incident is when she was reciting one of the hadith [I forgot which number] that talks about seating properly while eating and drinking.
At that time she was at the kitchen holding something in her hand--eating, walking around; back and forth in the kitchen non-stop.

I was laughing at her and she asked why?
I replied, "Try to listen to what you've said. Don't drink or eat while you are standing... And see what you are doing right now.."
She just replied with a big grin on her face.

A part of memorizing the hadith, she also know some of the simple Arabic words and terms.
Like for example, animals' name, family members, body parts and etc.

One day, I took her and her little brother for a ride.
The CD was on, and one of my favourite songs was playing.
The singer starts the song with the word 'Unaadeekum! ashuddu 3ala hayatikum'
And the same phrase was repeated several time throughout the entire song.

My niece was very occupied with the song, she stood still.
Until the singer sings that particular part again...
'Unaadeekum! ... ... ...'
She then immediately replied 'Ayam Jantan!' [meaning rooster]
I was blur for a moment, then she repeated, 'Deekun = Ayam Jantan'

**I laugh my heart out.**

Then I explained to her.
"Aimi, the singer said 'Unaadeekum' NOT 'Deekun'
It's different. Not the rooster..."
"Then what is it?" she asked.
"The singer is calling upon us the believers"

Hmmmm, not really sure if she R.E.A.L.L.Y understand.
Well, at least she has good ears and attention, doesn't she?

Oh Mimi al-Arabiy!

This IS deekun 

note: This is the song that I'm talking about Unaadeekum

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hamdan lillah

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Give thanks to Allah for the moon and the stars
Praising all day for what is and what was

Oh my, oh my!
Very loooooong  time indeed
Since I started my PG - till finished (Alhamdulillah)
This place is abandoned since... 


With that, bismillah...
Let's continue!

~Time to sweep the floor and do some interior designing~ 

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TURN TO ALLAH is the best!
coz He is there wherever you are...
so turn....turn, turn to Allah
Allahu Allahu, jallaa jallaluhu"