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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mimi Al-arabiy

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I was impressed when first time I heard my 5 y.o niece recite some hadith that she memorize in her school [pre-school perhaps].

There are all 10 hadith that she can recite!
Amazing for me coz when I was in her age, I don't remember I can recite any hadith [even the word hadith itself I never heard I guess... ... ...]
So, its kinda challenge to her two big sisters. Esp the eldest  ;-D

And for my 3rd niece herself, it is something that she is so proud of! [which makes her repeating all the 10 hadith all the time ~with a loud voice!]

It increasing the jealousy of her other siblings and perhaps some headache to the elders [i.e. grandpa+grandma+uncles+aunties+umi+abah]

One funny incident is when she was reciting one of the hadith [I forgot which number] that talks about seating properly while eating and drinking.
At that time she was at the kitchen holding something in her hand--eating, walking around; back and forth in the kitchen non-stop.

I was laughing at her and she asked why?
I replied, "Try to listen to what you've said. Don't drink or eat while you are standing... And see what you are doing right now.."
She just replied with a big grin on her face.

A part of memorizing the hadith, she also know some of the simple Arabic words and terms.
Like for example, animals' name, family members, body parts and etc.

One day, I took her and her little brother for a ride.
The CD was on, and one of my favourite songs was playing.
The singer starts the song with the word 'Unaadeekum! ashuddu 3ala hayatikum'
And the same phrase was repeated several time throughout the entire song.

My niece was very occupied with the song, she stood still.
Until the singer sings that particular part again...
'Unaadeekum! ... ... ...'
She then immediately replied 'Ayam Jantan!' [meaning rooster]
I was blur for a moment, then she repeated, 'Deekun = Ayam Jantan'

**I laugh my heart out.**

Then I explained to her.
"Aimi, the singer said 'Unaadeekum' NOT 'Deekun'
It's different. Not the rooster..."
"Then what is it?" she asked.
"The singer is calling upon us the believers"

Hmmmm, not really sure if she R.E.A.L.L.Y understand.
Well, at least she has good ears and attention, doesn't she?

Oh Mimi al-Arabiy!

This IS deekun 

note: This is the song that I'm talking about Unaadeekum

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unie said...

how come i didn't know anything about these song rambling? hahaaa.. i'm laughing my heart out, really!! kids' brain at early age works exactly like sponge ~ absorb everthing they heard. aimi is one of a kind ;) mesti awak setuju kan?

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