"The want of plenty distracted you "

[Al-Quran; Sura Al-Kautsar]

So, which road should I choose now?

[Embark on the PhD train or disembark from the study train altogether]

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Hard...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's hard.

Yes, this decision is VERY hard.
How many times I've stumble in those emotions, on wanting to g.i.v.e  i.t  u.p  and proceed to doing something else.

Like, finding a job and gain some money... (???)

But, the funny thing is, of ALL the jobs that I'd applied to, NONE is responding to me.

I always try to calm myself and make this small prayer every now and then, saying...
'It's ok, just have faith and pray what best for you. If you got a job offer, perhaps that journey doesn't really meant for you.'

And if it meant for you, then it will come to you, eventually.

Yet right now, they both haven't arrived.
Nope, they are not.
Not yet.

And every time I'm about to let it go, my friends (who are in the similar boat or already sailing theirs) hold me back and keep on saying
'NO! Don't let it go dear'

Why is it so smooth and easy for certain people yet it's a bit tough for me?
Is it because I didn't have research experience?


Yeah I admit it.
I might need to traverse the longest route, as I need to start from square one.

So, for those who plan to pursue study, you might want to choose research mode as compare to coursework because it will ease your journey to your PhD the next time.

Just a ten cent from me.

Note: Whatever the things might become, I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity and strength to complete my MSc last year (2013) -- without having to repeat/extend or whatever nightmares that the students wish not to happen. I was so anxious thinking that there is this timeline that I need to meet as per requirement from the scholarship that I got.
So, Alhamdu lillah 'ala kulli haal   :-)

And yup! It's been a while since the last post. Now I will try to write back.

2 Roads Chosen:

unie said...

lama sgt hibernate. keep on writing :)

andi fitriani said...

yeayyy after a long hiatus, you're back.keep holding on cinggu!you will find ur way, inshaallah <3
p/s: mmuah frm tempat bertapa..hehehe

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